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The reviews are in and Prescription: Nutrition is a hit!  See what all of the buzz is about here:


Former HSUS doc gives lifesaving advice in new doc about food, agriculture and healthA Humane Nation by Wayne Pacelle

Prescription: NutritionThe Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone

4 Ways to Seamlessly Go Vegan in 2017 (Interview with CuriosityStream President & CEO, Elizabeth Hendricks North)Vegan Magazine

Nutella, bacon and other foods you love that are linked to cancerUSA Today

Ready to Be Inspired? Watch Prescription: NutritionBy Any Greens Necessary by Tracey McQuirter

Healthy Cooking Tips from Veggie Master Rich LandauPhiladelphia Magazine

Public Health Nutritionist Tracey McQuirter’s Top 5 Tips for New VegansClearly Veg


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